Honor Your Wild Heart

Wishing For a Wise Sister Who Holds Your Heart and Has Your Back?

I believe we are heart-wired for a different kind of world and it takes tribes of wild women awakening!

I invite you to join us, and now is your time to rise!

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What I offer

I offer Healing & Mentoring Sessions for Women & Moon Circles.

Why I serve

I believe we all have an intrinsic ability to heal ourselves, each other, and our beloved planet.

Who I am

I am a Wise Woman, Teacher and Healer with 20 years of deep wisdom to share with you.

How I work

We meet over tea, in person or virtually, exploring the possibilities for your healing journey.

Welcome Home to Yourself.

A space where you belong,

Your Sacred Space to pause and breathe

And Honor Your Wild Heart.

With love and sisterhood,

Let’s dive into the deep…





"I've reclaimed my original spirit, my wild heart, through the journeys of my life. Like the hummingbird, let’s embody lightness of being, playfulness and remember that the sweetest nectar is always within.”

— Amy

Any questions on your wild heart?