My Professional Bio

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Amy Witmyer is a Wise Woman, Healer & Teacher for 20 years, and is deeply rooted in Awakening the Wild within. She is the creatress of Honor Your Wild Heart and Sacred Space Yoga & Wellness.

Amy offers deeply transformational healing sessions inside Honor Your Wild Heart Mentoring, Sacred Space Yoga Immersions, Reiki Energy Healing, Yoga Teacher Trainings, Apprenticeships, Workshops & Retreats.

As a dedicated sister of The Wild Woman Project, Amy leads monthly in-person & virtual Moon Circles and is a Facilitator at Wild Woman Fest. 

Amy is also the Mentor for the Wild Woman Project Circle Leader Trainings, where she leads TeleCircles and supports each woman to lead from the mysterious depths of her own Wild Heart. 

Amy is 45 years young, the beloved wife to her wild man, and devoted mother to their 18 year old son. They live a sustainable, consciously wild life with deep love and respect for our natural world.

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This About Me, is a bit different from the norm, so perhaps make some tea and get ready for a magical ride!

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Remembering, Reclaiming, & Reconnecting

I am a Wild Woman, a Priestess of The Moon, a Mystic, a Creatress

I am a Healer, a Leader, a Mentor, a Teacher

I am a Wife, a Mother, a Daughter, a Sister

I am — Me!

My Life In a Wild Love Story

In my 45th trip around our sun, I’m overflowing with gratitude for this opportunity to share with you some love drops from my wild heart’s story. I believe everyone’s life has a love story somewhere within it; you may just have to dive deep to find it.

I’ve been healing wild hearts for 20 years. My intention is to give you a taste of my sweet celebrations as well as my bitter struggles. When you read about someone, meet them, or even know them for a long time, you may not really know about their shadows or what makes their heart truly sing!

My life has traversed many wild experiences — some ecstatic and some excruciating. I defied many, many odds to reclaim my life and learned to see the wisdom in my wounds. Having grown tired of hiding my shame, I choose to wear my vulnerabilities along with my triumphs as wild badges of honor!

I’ve spent most of my life feeling like a mermaid out of water; so much of what goes on around our planet doesn’t make sense to me. Having deeply intuitive, sensitive and mystical gifts, it’s been tricky for me to navigate. I’m happiest being in nature rather than big cities. I prefer intimate conversations to crowds and I feel most fulfilled and aligned with my heart’s purpose while immersing myself in efforts for our collective evolution.

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I Imagine You Can Relate

In the Sacred Feminine Traditions we are never alone. We rise in sisterhood and solidarity!

I believe we are heart-wired for a different kind of world and now is our time to rise! Working with mentors and apprenticing is part of our sacred lineage. We are the change-makers and healers on our planet. I’ve worked with many beautifully gifted teachers and mentors who were crucial in supporting my healing journey and evolution.

I believe true healing doesn’t mean the toughest times didn’t exist, it means they don’t have to control our present lives anymore. I’ve learned to embrace my messy magic, even when my messes are seemingly insurmountable. We are all perfectly imperfect, so let’s honor, support and love ourselves just as we are — wild and free!

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My Studies & My Successes

Here is where I shine!

By the young age of 15, I had discovered yoga and started practicing with wise teachers while inhaling everything I could find about these transformational practices.

I graduated from high school in Maplewood, New Jersey in 1991 with high achievements in the Visual Arts. I attended School of Visual Arts on a merit scholarship, followed by the International Center of Photography, both in New York City. I successfully lived and worked in New York City as an Artist and Photographer, creating my own cathartic style of healing art that made for many successful solo and group exhibitions.

By the late 90’s, my heart followed Spirit’s call to shift from being a professional Visual Artist to becoming a professional Healing Artist. I began to understand my life’s purpose as a spiritual teacher, healer, change-maker and protector of our planet!

I graduated from ISHTA Yoga in New York City as one of four (out of 54) invited to teach, and began teaching full-time from my very first class.

  • I trained with Annemarie Colbin at The Natural Gourmet Cooking School in NYC.
  • I graduated from The Unergi School of Body-Psychotherapy in Pennsylvania.
  • I received all three levels of Reiki Attunements and became a Reiki Master in the Usui System.
  • I earned my Senior Level Yoga Teacher Certification with Yoga Alliance, E-RYT 500+.
  • I have actively participated in The Vagina Monologues and One Billion Rising.
  • I studied at The Temple School of Women’s Wisdom & Moon Mysteries and was Initiated as a Priestess of the Moon.
  • I lead monthly in-person & virtual Wild Woman Project Moon Circles.
  • I facilitate at Wild Woman Fest each summer.
  • I am the Mentor at Wild Woman Project Circle Leader Training.


A taste of my offerings over these wild-hearted 20 years:

  • Holistic Yoga Classes, Special Interest Workshops & Women’s Retreats
  • Women’s Healing & Empowerment Circles
  • Radiant Woman Collective: Awaken Your Goddess & Full Bloom
  • Reiki Energy & Intuitive Touch Healing
  • Prenatal Yoga, Spiritual Midwifery with Labor & Birth Support
  • Yoga Programs for Children, Teens, Athletes & Martial Artists
  • Yoga Therapeutics for Individuals with Special Needs
  • Registered Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher Trainings: 200, 300 & 500hrs
  • Yoga Teacher Apprentice Programs
  • Women & Teens Mentoring Programs

In 2014, I was drawn to join forces with The Wild Woman Project where I lead monthly in-person & virtual Wild Woman Moon Circles, facilitate at Wild Woman Fest each summer, and Mentor at Wild Woman Project Circle Leader Training.

Joining our wild-hearted global sisterhood has been one of the biggest blessings of my life, both in my personal evolution and as a Leader and Mentor.

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The Wisdom In My Wounds

I stand at the front line of my lineage, breaking the chain and being the change!

I’ve learned to validate my sour memories and relish in the deliciously sweet ones too. Many of the details from my past are simply too intense to share here. I’m telling you about it so you can see how I swam through the changing tides. Hopefully it will inspire you too. I’m saving the full details for another project.

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Rough Waters

Being who I am, these rough waters ripped me apart.

In the beginning, there was magic! I was born in Alaska, a deeply mystical land where our incredible earth and cosmos meet. It was there that I felt my earliest initiation to the Wild and Mother Earth’s deep wisdom. In some Native American traditions, the Northern Lights of the Aurora Borealis are believed to shine with the souls of unborn children. I received my birth name Amy, which means beloved.

My parents struggled to conceive their own children and were fortunate to adopt my brother three years before me. I was actually conceived under the auspicious Northern Lights, even though my mother had suffered through years of infertility as a result of extreme trauma when she was only 17 years old.

To put it lightly, I suffered from the all too common deeply dysfunctional family that never healed. It came fiercely down the line from both my maternal and paternal lineages. My mother struggled through a violent divorce from my father when I was only three years old. Subsequently, my parents each had three marriages, along with step-siblings that all ended in more violent divorces. I lived in unsafe, broken homes filled with abuse, neglect, violent tempers, violation, manipulation and substance abuse.

My struggles from home began to show up at school as early as first grade. During grade school I was diagnosed with unmanageable learning disabilities, emotional imbalances, and lapsed into a deep depression that didn’t lift until my early 20’s. During those years, I was passed around from one so called expert to the next, treating me like a lab rat, incorrectly prescribing heavy medications, and each making me feel much much worse. I also unfortunately suffered from to many accounts of sexual abuse and violation to list, from as early as kindergarden and on through my late 20’s. Additionally while growing up, I absorbed my mother’s own pain and the suffering of her difficult life. She was preoccupied with her own struggles and wasn’t able to be fully present and in tune with my unique needs. This ultimately strained our relationship tremendously.

In 1995 just after college, I rushed into getting married. Five years later I felt the deep intuitive call to conceive my first child. By my son’s first birthday, my then husband wanted a divorce and moved out. He was having an affair, and one month later he announced that he was expecting a child with her. I became a single mom at 28 years old.

My father was in and out of our lives and even tried to disown my brother and I in a court of law. After ten years of estrangement, he contacted me when he was dying of Multiple Myeloma Cancer and asked me to be by his side. My heart jumped at the opportunity to heal the past, and over the next year, my current husband, son and I did all we could to take care of his needs. After his tortuous death, we learned that I was intentionally cut out of his will, and there was literally no one to ask why. This sent me into a year long intense internal battle, with equally intense health imbalances, that I am fortunate to have come out the other side, even stronger.

I have very little family left in my life, less than you can count on one hand. This includes my mother after years of painful dissonance, a few cousins and my aunt. I remain forever open to receiving the rest of my family if and when we are meant to reconnect.

In July of 2017, my Mother called and told me she was diagnosed with a rare terminal brain disorder called Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease. After the initial shock and heartbreak, we dove deep and discovered many gifts from her illness, which has brought us very close again. She emphatically wanted me to know something that it had taken her whole life, until facing death, to realize. She told me the most important thing I must do, is to love myself first, before I can serve anyone or anything else. This initiation has marked me in such a deeply profound way, and the radical act of Self Love first will forever be one of the greatest gifts my Mother has given me. More on this as life unfolds…

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My Healing & My Loves

With the magic of love, I was able to heal, to forgive, to nourish my wild heart.

In the spring of 2000, I gave birth to my one and only son naturally, unassisted, just as I prepared and prayed for! My lifelong dream of wild birthing came true and becoming a mother was the most transformational experience of my life. I rebuilt our lives as a single mom, moved to a small cottage to raise my son, and opened my private home studio to support myself.

In 2004, while in a yoga teacher training at an Ashram, I met the LOVE of my LIFE! After five years of wild magic and deep healing, we married and became a family in 2009. My beloved husband completes our sacred trinity! Finally, we live our dream family life and have been for over 14 years now. We raise our son consciously, he is now 18 years old and thriving. We live a sustainable, consciously wild life with deep love and respect for our natural world, and our precious pup Maya always in the lead! feather 1

Rising In My Truth & Honoring My Wild Heart

I stand in my power, my gifts, my vulnerabilities and my wildness!

I believe our adversity shapes us whether we like it or not. We have a choice: either see adversity as a path for healing, empowerment, and enlightenment or drown in the excuses around why we are not living the life we are meant to live.

My daily physical, spiritual and lifestyle practices support my wild heart to her core. Without these in place and the love and support of my husband, son and wild sister tribes, I could easily slip back into old patterns and let my past dim my present light. I am very aware of this edge and deeply respect the power, purpose and potency of these life saving practices.

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From My Wild Heart To Yours

It takes tribes of Wild Women Awakening

I invite you to join us,

Now is Your Time


I am forever grateful for the gift of life, and one that aligns with my truth. I live to love, to laugh and to be wild and free.

My deepest reverence and gratitude to every teacher, mentor and spirit in and out of form that has supported me along all of my wild journeys.

I bow to you, and thank you deeply for holding sacred space for me to share these love drops from my wild love story.

— Amy


"I've reclaimed my original spirit, my wild heart, through the journeys of my life. Like the hummingbird, let’s embody lightness of being, playfulness and remember that the sweetest nectar is always within.”

— Amy

Any questions on your wild heart?