Class was amazing today, as always! I am struck by how vastly different each day can be but always with the same result, each woman getting what they need in the moment! Such a gift!

Every class is like a mini-workshop of shared experiences, meditation, and asana movement. The intimate group dynamic makes me feel like I’m connected to a trusted community that supports and nourishes my inner life.  Amy is a devoted, gifted teacher whose infinite wisdom and guidance gently leads each class, and gives each student what they need on a given day.  Amy’s talents are endless, and will enrich any woman’s life no matter what life stage she is in.

Jane Ann

“How much more precious is a little humanity than all the rules in the world.” Jean Piaget
No silver bullet, my yoga practice is just that, an evolving practice. It is one that supports, inspires and gives me the balance to connect to relationships and ideas that enrich my life. And as someone whose philosophical and psychological leanings are democratic and developmental in nature, I thrive with a sense of autonomy. Dependent on being lead by someone; however, who is self aware and passionate and knowledgeable in their career choice such that they know how to teach and what makes learning happen.
I am also driven by an aesthetic sensibility that calls for a setting that floods my senses with a peaceful beauty. I can certainly take a yoga class that offers me something different and I do. But, I find they are like that one recipe you take from a new cookbook, but nothing like the food stained one you go back to again and again.
My daughter, who is a doctor of acupuncture and Chinese medicine, and trained in Dharma Yoga took classes from Amy in Montclair, NJ. And on my birthday, gifted me a new yoga mat with her simply suggestion, “Try one of Amy’s classes, I think you will like her.”
Years have gone by and my commitment to a yoga practice with Amy, now happily at her Sacred Space setting, continues to change my understanding of myself and the human experience.

Amy, I must thank you for all that you do and for bringing us all together every month to connect. It is a priceless experience to be lead and surrounded with such powerful women!! And I am truly grateful that we have this ability to connect with our sisters. Many blessing dear Wild Loves!! Till we meet again…


Hi Amy, I just wanted to thank you for the work that you do. I experienced a huge shift after your online women’s circle last night and took action to publish my de-cluttering website. The support is invaluable and I love connecting with other women across the country who share my love of authenticity and opening up my heart.


A beautiful text I received yesterday, and wanted to share it.

“I truly can’t thank you enough for all your healing today! I am so beyond grateful for you and your wonderful ability. Thank you for understanding and guiding me; as a woman, a sister, a wife, and a friend…without judgement. You let me be vulnerable in your space space and I cherish it so much, beyond words. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Much love to you!”


I started working with Amy at a time when my anxiety was at all time high.  About once every other week, for a few months, Amy and I held a “virtual mentoring” session through zoom, most often with me in the comfort of my own bed!

One of the things I loved most about these sessions was the way that she brought love, light, and healing energy to the problems I was facing. So often I get stuck in my head analyzing and trying to be rational, but humans are complex and full of many different and conflicting sides. Amy helped me to honor, appreciate, and integrate the various different parts of myself into a more loving and complete whole. In doing so, I found a way to make peace with myself and substantially reduce my anxiety. Can’t recommend her enough!


So awesome! I’m still feeling so much happiness about the wonderful virtual Wild Woman Moon Circle we had. It’s resonating with me even a week later. The virtual circle option is truly a wonderful choice for those who don’t live near enough to come in person, or for whom transportation or childcare is a concern. I feel like I was fully in the circle experience and enjoyed making my private space feel supportive and connected.
Padmashri Anastasia

When I signed up for my 12 week personalized Honor Your Wild Heart Mentoring Program, I had expectations about working through personal issues and setting life goals. But what evolved in the process was way beyond my imagination! Each session took on a life of its own.

With Amy’s kind guidance, I uncovered obstacles that were holding me back and was able to process them from a different perspective. I discovered epiphanies that I would not have had on my own. Together we crafted practical steps to create a fuller, more satisfying way of being, and at the end of each session I was left with a sense of optimism and confidence.

Throughout, Amy consistently provided a warm, authentic, and safe space to discuss any issue that came up and I never once felt judged.


Thank you for holding the beautiful, healing New Moon Circle today. It is exactly what I needed. I feel so lucky for our reconnection and to be part of this.

There is nothing like sisterhood! To see myself mirrored in others, to be in sacred space and know that I am not alone. It is truly a gift. I am in full out support of the work you are doing and allowing to be done.

Looking forward to the next one!


I’ve learned this much in the past 15 years with Amy: be selfish in your search. My time with Amy is all about me. When she invites me to dive in I learn what it takes to raise my own vibration, accelerate my own evolution, face my own demons.

No one else can do that for me. This work will make a difference in the light I present to the world; there is no greater gift to your family, friends, strangers on the street, the earth. I honor my wild heart, my wild mind, my wild ideas, my wild emotions, my wild sense of humor, my wild anger, my wild wishes, my wild history, my wild future, I honor it all, every day.


I feel so honored and lucky to have met Amy at the Wild Woman Fest in 2015. She is so full of love and I felt so seen and cherished in her presence from the moment we met.

Recently I was able to attend one of Amy’s Wild Woman New Moon circles in her beautiful home studio in West Orange, NJ. She has created a beautiful, welcoming space for gathering and healing and she is a natural leader of these circles as well as a caring and attentive host.

Amy exudes her excitement and passion to be doing this type of work, and therefore has attracted a group of amazing women from her community and beyond who join her each month on the New Moon.

Amy’s circle had all the elements of a Wild Woman Project New Moon Circle: sharing, visualization, and a creative ritual. However, Amy brings in the authenticity of her own Wild Spirit and creates a truly unique offering. As a sister circle leader, it was inspiring to see the “wildness” of Amy’s circle and how she really makes it her own.

My circles have been pretty much structured “by the book” so it was exciting to see how Amy’s specialized offering of the circle elements attracted so much abundance and beautiful energy—one sister drove an hour and half to be with us that morning and another sister comes with a multitude of gemstones which she uses to create crystal grid altars at every circle.

I would highly recommend for any woman to accept the opportunity of attending one of Amy’s circles.


…I arrived at her home studio about a week later and was greeted with a strong embrace and the nostalgic smell of burning sage, candles, and essential oils. The windows were open and a warm pre-hurricane wind was moving through her house. I sat on the floor across from her at a low wooden table and she told me her yoga practice was designed to heal the mind, spirit, and body.

After a few intuitive questions I was cracked open and crying, snotting all over my face, encouraged by her to be with it. An embarrassing thing but I did it, as a result of her careful and deliberate care, as a result of her having the same gift to heal as my old therapist.

An except from


The retreat was a perfect mix of movement and introspection. It was so well-organized and beautifully executed, with a variety of thoughtful, substantive creative practices that allowed me to shift my perspective on my life and relationships. Amy helped me uncover long-held assumptions about myself that were blocking my path, in an authentic and safe, supportive environment.

There was a gentle flow to the retreat that respected all of the participants’ needs and the group shares were lovingly supportive and illuminating. This retreat enabled me to feel truly re-energized in body, mind and spirit. I left feeling empowered and inspired to create my own beautiful rituals in which to sustain my life.
I would highly recommend this retreat to anyone and everyone, in any stage of their lives.

ps. And, most importantly, Amy embodies the values and spirit in an inspiring, truly authentic way! I learned so much!


I never expected the retreat to be this spiritually pure and magical. It was an honor and a gift to share this experience in nature with this group of awakened women, just Being, One with nature. Every living moment was a celebration of Life, Truth, our beautiful Earth, the beautiful essence of woman….and a reminder of the magic that can be found in every moment and every thing.

A truly awakening and mindful experience. Deep gratitude. Thank you again for sharing the beauty of your soul and your extensive knowledge of ALL things!


Amy is a gifted teacher, a channel for light and healing. As my peer and colleague, I respect Amy’s “old school” training and the lineage through which she transmits the teachings. There are many teachers out there, but only a precious few can touch the depth or the essence of yoga in quite the same way.


Amy opened my heart to a whole new level of yoga love. Her encouraging spirit and deep wisdom helped me finally connect to a consistent practice! She is an authentic voice of wellness, compassion, and true yoga.


As someone who was new to yoga, I felt extremely fortunate to have found Sacred Space Yoga. My teacher Amy radiates everything that has drawn me into my yoga practice. Her patience, warmth, encouragement, and amazing depth of knowledge creates a safe and nurturing environment allowing me to explore, through yoga, what I feel I need at that moment.

Amy has given me the freedom and security to follow my intuition as I practice while introducing me to the wide breath and scope that is yoga. Over about 5 years, I have noticed a greater sense of balance and well being in my life. I am excited to grow this seed that Amy and her Sacred Space have planted.


I am so grateful for Amy! She has extensive knowledge, experience and technical expertise from years of study and devotion to her own yoga practice. Most importantly, Amy radiates love and acceptance. In her private studio, she creates an atmosphere of ease, joy and peace that allows yoga to be fun, as well as an opportunity for self-awareness, self-expression and self-acceptance. I am so grateful for Amy! She has extensive knowledge, experience and technical expertise from years of study and devotion to her own yoga practice. Most importantly, Amy radiates love and acceptance.

In her private studio, she creates an atmosphere of ease, joy and peace that allows yoga to be fun, as well as an opportunity for self-awareness, self-expression and self-acceptance.


As a Chiropractor for over 20 years I have treated many yoga teachers as well as yoga students who had sustained injuries from their yoga practices. When I was diagnosed with an unstable fracture in my spine I was very reluctant to try a yoga class. My persistent next-door neighbor raved about Amy, insisting she was different. Amy put me at ease immediately with her warmth.

I was surprised and impressed by her extensive understanding of anatomy and biomechanics. Most important, she took the time to know each person well. The small classes allowed her to guide each person, whether beginner or advanced with attention to detail and focus on safety. In less than one year I have increased range of motion and decreased pain in several areas. Cat scans and MRI results demonstrate a significant improvement in my spine. In addition to teaching me yoga as a safe and effective exercise system, Amy has opened the door to a world of healing techniques such as pranayama, chanting, mantras, crystal bowls, Reiki and the yoga lifestyle. After years of studying health and nutrition, it is exciting it have these new resources not only for myself, but also to share with my patients.

I will be forever grateful to Amy. Working with her has been a transformative path of learning and self-discovery.


At Sacred Space Yoga Studio I feel fully supported, enough to receive whatever it is I need at the moment. Amy’s classes are filled with creative and compassionate energy. She is intuitive and thoughtful in addressing each students needs. What she shares through her teaching is nourishing to the body and the spirit. Amy’s Sacred Space brings all aspects of yoga to light.


When I first arrived at Sacred Space Yoga, I felt an overwhelming sense of calm and relaxation, Amy is a master at her craft and is very attentive to her client’s specific needs. I have had the pleasure of practicing yoga, Reiki Energy & Intuitive Touch Healing to manage many of my aches and pains. I must say that Amy runs circles around any physician that I’ve been to for those problems.


Amy takes a lot of time to understand each person’s needs and, because classes are very small, she is able to refine the work of an advanced student while guiding the beginner through gentle movement and poses, providing a correct and safe foundation. Through her careful guidance and encouragement to listen to one’s own body, each student discovers and creates their perfect practice. Not only is Amy a talented yoga teacher, she creates a community in her yoga classes.

We feel free to talk about our aches and pains, or our emotions as they relate to our class needs that day. We can have our own active or restorative class, vent, inspire each other, share recipes, laugh at ourselves or bring in relevant show-and-tell. The support and unconditional acceptance is fantastic. A year ago it would have been unimaginable that a yoga class could be the highlight of my week.


Amy performs Reiki like a true healer and has the thoughtfulness, understanding and compassion of our bodies that must aid in her work. Over the past year, I have been to visit Amy several times for Reiki treatments, and each one has never failed to be effective. She responds to what she senses and focuses on specific areas so accurately that I have always walked out of my session feeling 150% great.

I have highly recommended Amy to both family members and friends and cannot say enough about the great ways that Amy has helped me. If you are looking for someone who is highly trained, effective, and knowledgeable in Reiki, you are looking for Amy! – Dana


I have taken classes with Amy for almost five years, from pre-natal to post-natal, and feel like each class is a gift. Amy’s style of teaching is professional and custom-tailored to each student. The unique intimate setting is perfect for feeling like I’ve gotten “just what I need” from each session.


Yoga changed my life. In fact, yoga changed the lives of every member of my family. From the first breath, from the first hour in Amy’s space, I knew I had stumbled upon something that would not just make me feel better, but would change my outlook on every aspect of my life. All that I’ve learned from her is with me every day. My son gets through his anxiety about school by using his “yoga breathing.” My daughter frequently plops down on the floor and shows me poses that she seems to instinctively know (maybe she remembers them from my prenatal classes!) And my husband has even gotten into it, benefiting both emotionally and physically.

Yoga at Sacred Space has truly been life altering for me. I stand in awe and gratitude for the powers that brought me to it.


Amy has a warm and open spirit, which flows through her to her clients with every touch. When I need to be spiritually rejuvenated or cleansed a Reiki session with Amy will do the trick. Aside from the spiritual healing I receive from her, her friendship is equally important to me.


No matter how I feel physically or mentally when I enter Amy’s studio, I feel wonderful when I leave. Her Reiki sessions leave me feeling utterly relaxed and completely restored. I am a senior citizen with the accompanying aches and physical limitations. In both individual and group yoga sessions Amy is very attentive to my needs and abilities, as she is with others in a group class. Her explanations of how the physical activity affects the entire body, is instructive. I have taken numerous fitness classes throughout the years where the emphasis is on the muscles being used and how they will improve the outer appearance of the body. Now when doing similar activities I feel that with Amy’s insights I am more in touch with my entire body. I look forward to my sessions with Amy and the peace and good feelings stay with me long after I leave.


As the name implies, Sacred Space is a retreat, an escape, a safe place. Whether you go for a communal yoga class, a private yoga session or Reiki, Sacred Space provides a place to escape and recuperate from life’s craziness for a while. I have gone to Sacred Space feeling broken and have emerged complete once again. And it is for that reason that I always go back!


I have taken many yoga classes in the past 15 years and I found Amy’s Yoga classes to be outstanding. The smaller size of her classes made such a huge energetic difference: it gives Amy’s more space to do what she does best, namely completely respect and support each student’s level and pacing in the class. Amy takes the time to be truly attuned to each student and to tailor her instructions to each individual. I felt free to take care of myself and follow my own needs rather than feeling the familiar pressure to keep up with a fast pace instructor in a big, anonymous class. Amy’s loving and soothing presence, as a teacher is also very special. I recommend Amy’s classes to anyone interested in a different yoga experience.


A night of immeasurable value… for women everywhere! Awaken Your Goddess brought to light a vision of my future that I had only hoped could emerge. Amy provides warmth, love & energy to inspire any willing heart!


The goddess workshop really opened me up in many ways: spiritually, physically, and mentally, and did so in a really organic way, without forcing anything. By asking myself each day “what does The Goddess want to eat?” or “which direction does The Goddess want to take today?” really has helped me take control of my actions in a really empowering way, because I now know fully that the Goddess does live in me, and that she is me, and I am her. Thanks so much!


What was most interesting to me during the Goddess Workshop was the discovery that women all share a deep, deep desire to improve themselves spiritually and emotionally, and to do the same for the people they love and the world around them. It’s part of a greater consciousness that became clearly palpable – only reinforced by the fact that each woman brought a unique perspective, but just the same shared the powerful will to collectively make our world a better place. Wow! Inspiring!


For me, the Awakening Your Goddess workshops provide a unique opportunity to tap into a deeply rooted primal energy that can only be expressed through dance. Somehow, during these workshops I am able to immerse myself completely in my feminine physical body. I don’t become one with the movement, I become the movement itself. I flow through the music and the music flows through me. Here, there’s no judgment, no rules, no dance steps to learn, just a safe space to share with other like-minded women who want to connect with their sexy feminine goddess energy by dancing freestyle with Amy to invigorating music. A truly amazing experience unlike any other!


Your energy and light brings such peace. I am thrilled we’ve all been placed in each other’s paths. You’ve inspired me to continue to be strong and proud in my search for enlightenment. Teachers with the gift of healing like you make me know and feel that love is pure and power is beautiful. Thank you a thousand fold. Namaste


Thank you so much Amy for creating such a warm, secure, inspiring space for all of us sister Goddesses to shine our divine female rhythms! It was a very spiritually productive evening. I am still buzzing, Shine on!


I had the time of my life! It was so much fun. Thanks for making me a Goddess. Namaste.


Dearest Amy, I would like to say thank you from the light within my heart for having coordinated such a wonderful workshop. It was an evening I will remember fondly. Dancing, just flowing with the music, feels so natural. I am extremely happy when I’m dancing. I was totally blissed out afterwards. Such a natural high. I felt so freaking beautiful. You have all given me such empowerment, I seriously can’t thank you enough. Such effortless beauty you are. Thank you so much once again from the light within my heart for such an amazing night. Namaste.


OK, I was a bit apprehensive to come to this gathering because, quite frankly, I had no idea what to expect! Well… I’m so glad I came. WOW – I don’t even think I have WORDS to cover the experience! There was so much LOVE in the room, so much acceptance… It raised my vibration and infused me with power to TRULY express myself in a way I have never done before. This expression lead to unlock creative thoughts I’ve not been able to access before, and receive messages from the heart. This was a truly incredible experience, and I cannot CANNOT thank you enough…


So enjoyed the Radiant Women Collective this evening. We exuded radiance and was so empowering. Looking forward to next one. Thank you for this wonderful workshop in the beautiful Shakti room.


Beautiful gathering last night – thank you – I ‘ll remember vitamin H (HUG) – get some give, some every day!


So happy to be part of this group!!! What a lovely idea to bring us together to support and uplift each other.


Amy and Sacred Space are fantastic. I learned so much and have grown on many levels throughout the teacher training. I feel prepared and for that I thank Amy and her inspirational style and her caring approach.


A Yoga teacher training at Sacred Space with Amy Witmyer will not only prepare you to be a knowledgable and safe yoga teacher but it is also an amazing journey of self discovery and empowerment. I cannot recommend it more highly.


Training with Amy at Sacred Space has changed, opened and saved my life. We learned so much and yet it’s only a drop in the ocean. I’m grateful for the opportunity to expand my mind, heart and circle of sisters in a safe and supportive space. I immediately wanted to do it all over again!


Sacred Space provided an unparalleled learning experience in which I was made to feel safe, cared for, understood, and totally supported every step on my journey to become a RYT.


My experience with Amy of Sacred Space was more than a training, it was a mentorship. Amy taught me how to apply yoga more to my real life. I am very grateful for her guidance. I have learned so much in my 300 hour training and look forward to sharing the magic of yoga not only with my students but with everyone I encounter. Namaste.



"I've reclaimed my original spirit, my wild heart, through the journeys of my life. Like the hummingbird, let’s embody lightness of being, playfulness and remember that the sweetest nectar is always within.”

— Amy

Any questions on your wild heart?