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Amy-teepee-laugh-2-1024x768Life Is Hard

There I said it, I know we all feel it and yet life can also be sweet and tender too.

You Are Never Alone

In the heart of the Sacred Feminine Traditions, we rise together in sisterhood and solidarity!

Love Your Imperfections

We are all perfectly imperfect and our adversity is part of what’s shaped us and brought out the amazing gifts that we have today.

Your Time Is Now

  • I believe we are heart-wired for a different kind of world and now is your time to stand in your truth.
  • We need you, you need you, and our planet needs you.

Why Mentors & Apprenticeships?

  • Working with mentors and apprenticing is part of our sacred lineage. We are the change-makers, feminine leaders and healers on our planet.
  • I’m deeply rooted in the wild feminine archetypes, helping you discover and embrace your heart’s truth that you may not see, so you can be wild and free, the way you were meant to be!

Questions On Your Heart?

  • Have you always wanted to work one-on-one with a wise woman who lovingly supports you, who believes in you and helps you walk confidently in the direction of your dreams?
  • Feeling unsure how to shine authentically in our world? Are you are dreaming of deepening your personal practice or developing your own unique style as Healing Professional or rising Yoga Teacher? Either way, you’ll receive personalized, transformational, straight-into-your-heart guidance to reveal your heart’s truth.

I Feel You Sister

  • We all need support, encouragement and freedom to make messy magic along our journeys — no matter what!
  • I extend my heart and hand to you, and will personally guide you every step of the way.

Your Heart After

  • You feel deeply heard, seen, and understood for exactly who you are.
  • You feel comfortable in your own skin and stand confidently in your truth.
  • You remembered and reclaim your wild and authentic self.
  • You now live, love, teach and serve from your most authentic place.
  • You Honor Your Wild Heart in every aspect of your life.

Sacred Space Sisterhood Scholarship

  • We are deeply honored to offer Sacred Space Sisterhood Scholarship!
  • Contact me directly to apply, we hold every wild heart sacred and confidential.
  • To donate and support our sisters, click here.


"I've reclaimed my original spirit, my wild heart, through the journeys of my life. Like the hummingbird, let’s embody lightness of being, playfulness and remember that the sweetest nectar is always within.”

— Amy

Any questions on your wild heart?